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Our Scientific Panel

BetterCells is very pleased to welcome Dr Aparna Hegde, Dr. Margie Smith, Molecular Geneticist & Author and Warren Maginn who join Dr Rhona Cregan on our Scientific Advisory Panel.

Dr. Rhona Creegan, BSc BiomedSC, MNutrMed, MSc, ClinBiochem, PhD

Dr Rhona Creegan is a Nutritional Biochemist and Registered Nutritionist (NSA) with extensive experience in Clinical biochemistry, Molecular genetics and Nutrition. She has a Masters degree in Nutrition Medicine and a PhD investigating plasma lipid biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease.

Her key interests are abnormal lipid metabolism and metabolic dysfunction; key features of chronic disease and ageing.

Dr Aparna Hegde, MBBS, MPH& TM (JCU), FRACGP, DAvMed (Kings College), FACAsM, A5M

Dr. Aparna Hegde has Fellowships in General Practice and Aerospace Medicine. Furthermore, she is a qualified Aviation Medical Examiner and has completed training with the Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M).

Her qualifications and background include completing the undergraduate MBBS through UWA in 1994. She has completed postgraduate qualifications including MPH& TM (JCU), FRACGP, DAvMed (UK Kings College), FACAsM and the A5M certification. In her working life she has spent time in varied environments including 11 years of full time service with the RAAF, setting up the Aviation Medicine department in Dubai for Emirates Airline as well as working in private practice.

While in private practice, Aparna became disillusioned with the conventional medicine approach as it was not helping some complex patients, and started using a more functional and integrative approach using her A5M training.

Her special interest is in the management of fatigue, weight loss and hormonal disturbances such as thyroid disorders and menopause. She is experienced in the use of bio-identical hormones and supplements to restore normal physiology.

Aparna enjoys working with colleagues who have the same fundamental approach.

“There is no one way of doing things and integrative medicine allows individualised patient management – much better than via conventional practice. This can give the patient much better quality of life than they previously had. Ultimately I find joy in helping people and this approach has allowed me to make more of a difference – which is why I keep going.”

Warren Maginn, BHSc. (Nutr. Med.) GradCert. (Hum. Nutr.)

Warren Maginn is a Clinical Nutritionist and College Lecturer, specialising in the individualised management of chronic health conditions through the principles of functional medicine and integrative laboratory testing.

Warren holds a bachelor degree in Nutritional Medicine as well as postgraduate qualifications in Human Nutrition, and teaches bachelor students of Clinical Nutrition in Brisbane, whilst supporting naturopathic and medical practitioners around Australia and New Zealand in their use of functional pathology testing as a basis to integrative health management.

Dr. Margie Smith, PhD Molecular Geneticist & Author

Dr. Margie Smith is a Molecular Geneticist with over 20 years experience in neurogenetics and cancer genetics.

In 2009 she became the co-founder of smartDNA, a nutritional genomics company which offers personalised nutritional profiling to enable practitioners to employ targeted approaches to health.

smartDNA is successfully challenging the one size fits approach to nutrition and health.

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