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The problem is that we have a health industry that is not concerned with food…

…and a food industry that is not concerned with health.

BetterCells is an online platform that aims to connect functional and integrative medical practitioners with people looking to improve their health.

Our platform allows users quick easy online consultations with your preferred practitioner from the comfort of your own home. And our system securely stores your health data giving you more control over your own path to wellness. This means that you can share your data with experts anywhere in the world.

We have a growing epidemic of chronic illness – we are living longer than ever but with more disease than ever.

In Australia we currently spend $180billion on health year and that number is growing relentlessly.

It’s time for us to change our approach to health.

Functional medicine aims at discovering the root causes of chronic illnesses and looks at prevention rather than cure.

Better Cells connects you to the wellness industry and puts you in the drivers seat of your own health.

We’d Be Happy To Hear From You

For further information on how to invest please contact:

Andrew Haythorpe
Founder, Managing Director

Mobile: +61407 737 973

Email: a@bettercells.com

Skype:  andrewhaythorpe

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