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Metals & Minerals Test (Oligoscan).

A Metals & Minerals Test (Oligoscan) is a quick, painless hand scan to determine your metals and minerals load – some essential to wellbeing, some toxic! We’ll show you how to eliminate the negatives and increase the required metals and minerals for optimum functioning.

Find out more about our Metals & Minerals Test Kit.

Muscle vs Fat (VLA).

Measure your muscle to fat ratio with our latest measurement tool! Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Aging (VLA) Scans provide a body composition analysis to see how much body fat and muscle you have. Your results are then used to design the most effective strategy to achieve your health goals in the shortest amount of time.

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Metals & Minerals (Oligoscan)

From AUD 134
Discover whats in you
A 2 minute non invasive hand scan. Get your Minerals and metals tested here.


AUD 742
Essential for good health
Discover your personal microbial community and the latest opportunities to optimise wellness

Muscle VS Fat (VLA)

From AUD 84
The latest measurement tool
Measure your muscle fat ratio

Cardiovascular Health

AUD 298
Where are you headed?

Food Allergies

AUD 554
Save you body and mind
Discover your uniqueness and navigate your path to avoid or minimise auto immune diseases.

SmartDNA Test

AUD 406
One of the best DNA tests available.


AUD 190
Most of us have been exposed to Roundup. Find out your level.

My Health – My Choice (eBook by Dr Rhona Creegan)

AUD 14.99

Organic Acids

AUD 394

Urinary Porphyrins

AUD 253

DUTCH Hormone Metabolites

AUD 421

Plasma Methylation Profile

AUD 311

Adrenal Cortex Profile (Saliva)

AUD 120


AUD 353

Fatty Acid

AUD 154

Moulds Comprehensive

AUD 520

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