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How Do The Health Checks Work?

We are what we absorb.

This means that sometimes, even if we eat well or take vitamin supplements, our system won’t allow the nutrients to be absorbed. If our biological systems are “disabled” or blocked – we may not benefit from many essential nutrients we need.

Determine Your Health Level.

You may feel healthy now, but do you really know what your health level is?

Poor choices in habits, diet, and lifestyles also contribute to our health over time – often with no visible symptoms – and eventually leading to chronic illness.

Recommended Tests.

Our health tests will provide tailored insights on your ability to absorb and retain nutrition, eliminate toxic chemicals, and provides a strategic program to help you design a better health plan for yourself. With support from our online Practitioners and our online hub of information at your fingertips, you can take control and start improving your health today.

Clear Results.

When your results are available, you’ll receive a notification to log into your secure account and view the test results. Easy to read, colour-coded graphs and benchmark figures of ‘normal ranges’ will help identify at a glance what you need to work on.

You may have already found yourself treating symptoms, rather than solving the root causes. As testing reveals more and more into what is happening inside you, the other area of scientific advances become relevant –the implementations – what can you do about it? There are now many things that can be done to either reverse damage, or better manage something that needs assistance.

We are here to guide you toward the people and the knowledge that can get you started toward better health.

Online Practitioners.

It’s easy to book an appointment with one of our health practitioners for an online video consultation. Complete a quick health questionnaire when creating your free account to get started.

See which Practitioners are online now, or choose a more convenient time. BetterCells makes it easy to manage your health in the palm of your hand – with access to health experts anywhere, anytime!

BetterCells has made it incredibly easy for me to see at a glance what my health status really is, and what I need to do to improve this over time. If you’re not using it yet, you should be!

Renae M

Benefits To Using BetterCells

Choose from a range of personalised test recommendations

Easy to understand test results

Speak with a real practitioner, anywhere, anytime

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Explore Test Types

Our health tests are powerful tools that can really guide you as to what is happening, or not, inside you. Find out more.

The Science & Technology

BetterCells applies Artificial Intelligence to previously underutilised and unexplored data sets. Discover More.

Improving My Future

By encouraging you to track and monitor health improvements we want to help improve your future.

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