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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We have listed a few of the things people often ask about BetterCells.

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What is BetterCells?

BetterCells is an online hub that connects Functional and Integrated Medical Practitioners with individuals looking to improve health and wellness, resolve health problems and/or prevent chronic illness.

For more information please visit our ‘About Us‘ page.

Can anybody take these tests?

Yes – There are a number of tests that can be undertaken without practitioner referral ie: Oligoscan & VLA. These tests can be found and purchased from our Order Test Kits page, even before you connect with your online Health Practitioner.

And there are some that can be purchased then approved after speaking with your preferred Online Health Practitioner.
These tests are for anybody who has concerns and/or wants to stay on top of their own health & wellbeing.

People located outside of Australia can purchase most tests without Practitioner approval, but will most likely require Practitioner interpretation of results.

How accurate are the tests?

Many tests vary in accuracy for a variety of reasons. Any test designated with a ‘GOLD’ or ‘5 star’ rating rates among best science with a high degree of accuracy.

When will I know my results are available?

The time taken for results varies according to your location, the Lab location and postage and handling services. As a rough guide – results should be available within 4 weeks no matter where you are located.

Can I change Online Practitioners once I have connected with one? - Are my results and client profile transferable?

Yes. The BetterCells system is set up so the last Practitioner you spoke to is your nominated Practitioner. You can change anytime you like. Please note – many Practitioners require an hour or more to review your results and may wish to charge for their time for review.

What if I don’t have Skype? Can I connect with my online Practitioner another way? Facetime? Online Chat? Phone Call?

You can talk directly to online Practitioners by registering for free on www.BetterCells.com using FirefoxGoogle Chrome or Safari.

How is my privacy protected?

BetterCells provides a secure and personalised system that utilises contemporary Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services to ensure a patient’s medical records are secure and remain inaccessible without their prior consent.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine addresses the root cause of chronic illness. Where there is too much – Functional Medicine aims to lower and where there is too little of something – Functional Medicine adds as required.

What is the Human Genome?

Your genome is the software that runs your body.

It is composed of 3.2 billion “letters,” or base pairs, that code for everything that makes you “you” — your hair colour, your height, your personality, your propensity to disease, your lifespan, and so on.

Until recently, it’s been very difficult to rapidly and cheaply read these letters and even more difficult to understand what they do.

Why can't I get these tests through my GP?

Functional and Integrative medicine draws from all fields of scientific knowledge – not one discipline or faculty of knowledge only. The discipline has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years as the pace of science and technology has accelerated.

(Footnote: It is our view that it is only a matter of time before traditional Practise catches up with the needs of the chronic illness epidemic)

What happens if I need supplements?

While the most important elements of health revolve around lifestyle, sometimes a shift in biochemistry or a compensation for epigenetic adversity requires supplements. Practitioners may prescribe nutritional or herbal supplements as necessary.

How can I book an online consult?

Register at BetterCells.com for an online account to get started.

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